Splendor: The Christ Light illuminates the splendor of my being.

Journal Questions:  Do I radiate Splendor? How can I radiate more?

Walking in everyday life, we often miss the details.  The color of the sky, the smell of the air, the gentle touch of a loved one. We have a tendency to take things for granted.  Life keeps us occupied, it keeps us unfocused to our beautiful environment, it also keeps us unfocused from within.

In the same way the Christ Light within you shines and illuminates the splendor of your being, allow yourself to take time to notice that even the most ordinary things become a thing of splendor by simply acknowleding it. Caught in the rays of the Christ Light, simple acts and words become a part of Spirit's transformative power. Nothing is so ordinary that it will not become a thing of splendor when the Christ Light shines through it.

Affirmation: I am a spiritual being in human expression. My spiritual nature radiates through my humanity to reveal the beauty of the gifts I have to share. I am loving and wise, compassionate and generous. I am divine love expressing.

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