The Awakening of My Soul


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As many others on this earth plane, my experiences through this lifetime have not always been a bowl of fragrant rose petals. However, my life has not been a total abyss of darkness either.

The duality of those experiences began at a very young age and continued well into my young adulthood. My traumatic experiences served only to push me into a direction of growth within knowledge. My enlightening experiences excited me and only propelled me more on to a path of light.

As a young child I could not articulate to others the "special things" (clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentient) I was experiencing for fear of everyone dismissing then as mere child's play. I understood my soul's desire and need for comfort and nurturing; I knew I could not completely attain that desire by physical means only. So I began absorbing knowledge by reading books on self help and spirituality. Conversely, the time came when I no longer wanted to read about the experiences of others, I wanted to live them for myself. The more I felt, saw, heard, and learned, the stronger the need to share and commune with others like myself became apparent.

As time marched on, I have had the honor of meeting people who were as excited for my spiritual growth as I was on personal level. These people have been the catalyst of who I have become and who "I" am today. Their wisdom, knowledge, guidance, love, and acceptance are what have enabled me to peel away layers so that my "true self" could blossom.

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