The Christ Consciousness in me greets the Christ Consciouness in others!

Hello beloveds,

This one is a biggie folks!  How often are you reminded that we are expressions of each other? 

What divine graciousness or lack thereof that you see and validate in another person is almost always a mirror image of you.  When we take an action whether in love or in judgment of another person, you can only do so because it is something that you see in yourself.  That is recognition, for good or ill whether we like to admit it or not, making a statement in silence, in feeling, in the spoken word always falls back on to ourselves.  Contract to yourself that daily that you will allow yourself no matter how difficult it is, to see the light in others, to meet and greet the Christ Consciousness in others, and call forward to see the good. If by chance you cannot find the light or good in another, it is your job to rise up to the occasion and meet and greet that person with your Christ Consciousness. 

What does that mean exactly?  It is really very hard at times to send light and love to a person that is not astute; it will challenge at every level - pull and tug at you to find that spark of astuteness. Looking past all the muckiness’ requires heavy duty goggles, but within you is the ability to be a reflection to another person when they are not able to see in themselves all the potentiality for greatness.  The single act of reflection towards another has the innate ability to shift even the darkest abysses that is your Christ Consciousness.

If ever you become mired in a disagreement with another person, set your differences aside for a moment and remember a powerful truth, one that re-establishes harmony; we are both sacred beings.

The Christ of our beings is a sacred center from which words and actions of love and caring naturally flow.  We can live, work, and exist in harmony as we behold that consciousness in each other.  Giving expression to the Christ within, we are being true to our sacred nature - and YES it is in your nature to be in this energy at all times.  Though there may be times when we may still agree to disagree on some things, we will choose to do so with respect for our unique beliefs and passions in life. The sacredness at the center of us unites us no matter what is going on. 

I pay homage to each and every single one of you; the Christ Consciousness in me greets and welcomes the Christ Consciousness in you!!

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