Through the power of your Christ Consciousness

Journal Question: How can utilize my Christ Consciousness to transcend and awaken?

Whenever you take the time to meditate and pray you have the realization of your Christ Consciousness you - and you awaken to your true spiritual nature.  As you let the light of God/Christ shine within you consciousness, you release old ways of living, and open to a new life, a new way of being. 

Your Christ nature can transcend any appearance or condition and allows you to awaken into a new life of oneness and wholeness, of harmony and abundance, of understanding and peace.  By turning to the Christ presence within you, you are awakening your Spirit - your true presence. Listen and hear your Spirit calling you and awaken to a new life and know that it is a co-creation. Know that you are always supported, guided and loved.

Affirmation: I listen and hear my Spirit calling me to awaken my true presence. I choose to live by this true spiritual nature and allow the light of my Christ Consciousness to my beacon.

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