Transition: We move forward through change.

Journal Question:  How can I best prepare myself for change, and how can I make the most of it??

Change my beloveds is the one constant thing in our lives.  Many fear change because most often the change is unknown or we will perceive it as being to tasking and too hard to get used to. But because change is so constant, rather than fearing the unknown we should feel a sense of excitement. Emotionally we can prepare ourselves by expecting wonderful things to happen to us rather than to feel that change is just too difficult. Change is an opportunity for growth, it is a transition from one thing, place, and/or one state of mind to another. We are evolving from what was to what is - who wouldn't welcome a transition, especially when it comes to a state of mind?

Think of it as becoming more than you were before; evolving, expanding, and ascending.  Just as you have viewed your change from childhood into adulthood, you can see that you have gained a new perspective during that transition.  Notice that - that transition happened over time, not all change or transitions happens rapidly.  Spirit is wonderful in discerning for us that which we can handle rapidly and equally slowly. The transitions that are quick are so because they need to be, others take longer because there is something greater that you must take notice of and more than that something you must understand in its entirety.

Take a deep breath, prepare for change by empowering your thoughts astutely, build on your strength, and know (as I always say) that you are already everything you need to be. Trust that transition and change are being sent to you divinely purposed.

Affirmation: I may be stepping into unfamiliar territory, but this step is an opportunity to grow in spiritual awareness. With each shift or change in my life, I am moving forward.

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