Trustworthy - Speak the truth and give your best!

Journal Question:  What are the root causes of myself that are keeping me from the truth?

Our world is a network of interdependence. We rely on others to do their part just as others rely on us to do ours. Don't you feel amazing about yourself when you are able to speak the truth and give your best effort? 

Give your best even when you are trying something new and especially when you're unsure about how others might regard you. But never give your best because you seek approval from others.  Remember, the only person keeping score is you.

It is in our nature to give generously from what is ours to give, but understand and know that you are truly a channel for God's infinite good in the world. The most beautiful aspects of truth and in giving is that we do so freely without any expectancy of return.  Living in truth means that you are a kind and generous soul; trustworthy in quiet courage. It means you lived by golden rules of speaking respectfully of all others and you do not engage in non astute events. But even if you have or do, your scorekeeper(you) is your greatest judge and the trials you put yourself through are more difficult than any other person can impose upon you. So always start your days journey by being truthful and trustworthy with yourself first. Give yourself the opportunity to give to you first (remember - I always say this "everything begins and ends with you.") If you have wronged another in words, actions, reactions then apologize and vow to be at your best next time around, trust that there will always be more opportunities around the corner for you to be at your best.  Commit to being truthful and trustworthy.<br><br>

Affirmation: At the end of the day, I celebrate my accomplishments and forgive any misteps, committing to do my best again tomorrow!

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