We are many, We are One

We are many, we are ONE - nearly 7 billion people live on Mother Earth - the place we call home. Vast distances of land and ocean separate us from one another. Our differences create a beautiful mosaic of appearances, beliefs, cultures, and customs.  Underneath, we are all One in spirit, members of this great cosmic multiverse in a family of humanity.

We each have the spark of Divine within that comprises our spirit and source of inspiration. We have mental and emotional qualities that are unique and equally the same - thoughts, feelings, memories, that contribute to the expansion of our soul.

Spirit knows no time, distance, or space. Spirit does not judge - only loves.  We have much to learn from spirit as we move forward into the next year. Spirit is merging with our earthly plane and now more than ever we are being called to spread love even to those we find extremely difficult to love. We must remember that what we project onto others also becomes our responsibility. Now more than ever it is imperative that we keep our thoughts and actions towards others in check. To not do so means that whatever you are sending out projects and returns back to you. This is universal law; the universe is indifferent to what you are putting out there. So be ever so vigilant of your actions, reactions, words, thoughts, and unhealthy emotions.

The love of spirit dwells within each of us and spirit is the guiding force in our lives, projecting, reflecting, and acting love should come very naturally.  Celebrate your love towards humanity: sisterhood and brotherhood by affirming: I AM one in Spirit with all of humanity. I AM one person on Mother Earth that is actively aware of my placement, actions, and love.  Harmony working towards raising the vibrations of this planet. I AM ONE with MANY! I AM

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