What is it like to be you?

The following is a channeled message that has spanned over several weeks. The messages are coming from many on the other side and they ask, "What is it like to be you?"

Messages: Over the last two years many souls living in a physical form have been preparing for what was to come in 2012. That preparation has been crucial, it has helped you to understand and face deeper parts of self that required specific attention and intention. Through mediation, being still, a whisper in your ear, a signal or sign the most important question we have asked continuously - since your inception/creation, "What is it like to be you?"

And it has taken years for you to hear and feel us through the energies of this question. It is not answered or expressed simply for whatever physical age you’re in now the question still remains unanswered and will remain so unless you feel the freedom we present to you -surrender. You have heard many times, "you are spiritual beings who have selected to experience a physical life span." Do you know why you have chosen to experience a physical life? The answer, "Know thyself." To know what it is like to be you, you must surrender your physical forms and visit the true light and spirit of who you are.

We sense your fear upon hearing the word surrender; surrendering as we mean, does not partake in what you perceive as a physical death - as final. There is no finality of your soul, nor will it one day cease to exists. Surrending to spirit means to, release the shackles of what weighs you the most - control. To work in surrender means, molting anger, fear, hopelessness, guilt, shame, and releasing the binds of disbelief, all things of which you are not able to control no matter how persistence you have been. You were meant to experience all these things, but you were not meant to hold on to them as a life line. Many of you dangle these as (how you put) the carrot before the donkey, carrying within the weight of a heavy soul and leading yourselves down a path of energies that only serve to weigh you down even more. Hold on to your light and assimilate that your experiences serve only one purpose: Know Thyself.

You are the archeologists of your soul, probing the depths of self discovery and uncovering treasures. Listen to these words carefully, "every discovery is a treasure." This one question has challenged from the onset of your creation; to purely discover the most intimate parts of self. You have revealed darkness and infused it with light, you have run the corridors of your own personal (how you define it) hell, and met face to face with dark forms of energies that you have unearth as personal demons. You lived and died many times in just one lifetime and each time you are reborn into a new but infinite cycle. It is a cycle of learning so that you may face more fears, shed more tears, and you will end each cycle surrounded by true love and laughter because every cycle emerges you as more enlightened, more expansive, more ascended. You have finally come to understand that in order to ascend you must first descend. Every discovery is a treasure and within every treasure you reveal more of what it is like to be you.

This is an important year for the evolved spiritual being living on Mother Earth. 2012 is the gateway for you to be able to answer more of - What is it like to be you? Move away from the belief that we are "coming", and that our gateway is only now opening. We have never left you, we have always been ever present in your lives not interfering with your will, but guiding you in understanding. What is it like to be you? We can help you with the answer, you are Love. Every part of you - physically and spiritually is Love. You are the archeologist and the earthly treasures sent to spread this one true energy - Love. Continue to answer the question, there are many more answers coming your way.

~ Yours as One, through you as you. (Your light)

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