World Peace

Journal Question:  How can I contribute to a world of peace through the power of my divine self?

As individuals we can each foster peace in our world. We can do something right now to contribute to greater peace: We can, through the power of our divine self and divine word, and most especially your divine intention and manifestation. Take the time to extend a blessing to everyone in your awareness, even those you may consider as non-astute.

The act of blessing creates a positive energy that disolves negative thoughts and feelings. The blessings ripple out as a vibration of healing love to your community and by extension - the World. Your words and intentions not only have the potential to raise the vibration of an individual, but the planets as well. Your spiritual nature will create Peace - both within and within others. Trust this, believe this, live this.

Affirmation: I imbue my words with loving intention and share blessings that inspire and encourage others.  In this way, I help bring harmony to each interaction and peace to the world.

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