Akashic Angel Reading

Angel of GlowThe Akashic Angel reading helps you to discover your connection to the Angelic Realm.  Angels are divine messengers that lovingly guide our prayers to the Creator and bring forth sacred messages back to us from the heavenly realm. Our Angels inspire us through intuition, feeling, and thoughts and have specific areas of specialization such as: healing, peace, love, creativity, arts etc.

In the Akashic Angel Reading, these magnificent beings of light bring forth information that stems directly from a past life or lives and openly connects that information on how it currently impacts your current life's circumstances.


The Akashic Angel Reading is not a Question/Answer type reading, the Akasha Sensitive Reader directly channels the information that will enable you to meet your:

  • Anchoring Archangel(s)
  • Assisting Angel(s)
  • Guardian Angel
  • Assisting Masters
  • Spiritual Guides

Price: $85.00 per Hour  add to basket

This reading is also available through Skype with or without video.



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