Becoming your Spiritual Understanding

There are times when we question if what we are doing is really God/dess' will; if what we really want is in our highest good. In those moments, I stop questioning and know that guidance is available for me. If breath is the source of all life, then we owe it to ourselves to pause, quiet our thoughts of confusion, and silently breath allowing our breath to become the focus.

As that attention grows, you realize that what you are breathing in (life force) channels wisdom in through your heart and into every cell of your body. As your attention and focus hightens,  you then have the innate ability to exhale away (release) confusion and doubt from your mind.  Your heart the God-self, it is God/dess, it is the "I am". When you dwell in your heart you experience your divine presence - it is here where you are able to accurately discern what your next step should be. Make a conscious effort to live in your heart, not in your mind; you are here to be the bringers of light.

Make your choices knowing that you are acting from your higher self, do not allow yourself to fall into lower levels of energy: victim energy (poor me), trickster energy (pretentiousness), and confused energy (disabling). Because divine guidance is there for you at all times, then make sure you are stepping out the way to receive that precious advise you so desire - need. Follow the guidance and understanding that you are given, even if it somehow does not feel comfortable - that discomfort is trickster energy.

You are the expression of God/dess, you are love, peace, harmony because you have made the choice to be. You have given into your higher self knowing fully in the absence of doubt and confusion that you are the presence of "I am."

Energize your body and release the blissful flow of Kundalini...take deep breaths and feel the beautiful eternal self. Relax into the swirling flow of prana as it melds with your boy and it becomes your universal life force. Deep breath....feel the brilliance of light, source, and divine fill every cell and fiber, deep breath...slow exhale and feel the kundalini as it awakens..feel the presence of god/dess and just be.

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