Channeled message from Raphael and Gabriel

Today as I was cleaning my house, I infused it with lavender and rose. As I was finishing my cleaning I began to hear distant celestial music, I checked around the house – it was resonating throughout. I only said, “Welcome my beloveds.” Immediately my body was one gigantic goose bump and I heard “you’re infusing serenity and love Tricia, you have achieved harmony in self, home, and in your spirit. We sing to you messenger, spread our voices so that many will hear and see. You must feel in order to understand.”

We come to you to share the ever evolving work that is our continual movement.  The energy that we are diligently infusing your planet with since your term of New Year has increased. We find ourselves working even more towards the connectivity of your consciousness because the vibration of your planet decreased slightly to a lower vibration. This turn of consciousness is alarming enough that it is being called to our attention.  Our light empowers each of you for there is no separation between the divine and you – we are as one in one. Though we cannot feel your pain – we understand it; the setback is we speak of is indeed a conscious choice you have made globally. 

You have fallen short in your distinctions with humanity and all other living species, and you continue to shed energy that is not always in love. Understand there is no separation between you and all other living beings. One soul is connected to the next, when you shed negative energy onto another you are equally causing the effect onto to self.  Many hold on to the belief that a thought is merely just a thought and that a spoken word for however meaningless you may think it to be is as epic as the movement of Mother Earth aligning herself in preservation which many of you call  natural disasters. We speak to you – hear us, one harmful thought, spoken work, or selective release of lower vibration towards another being befalls upon you.  We are of love, there is nothing else. You are not in your physical presence to experience judgment yet you hold on to it as it is superior to the being you’re holding judgment against.  You are indeed superior because you are of light, but the all other living beings are equally superior – you made great mistakes of thinking lesser of others because to do so you think less of yourself. Open your hearts – your perceptions need adjusting; what you have come to believe is not as exact as you would like it to be – you must change your view of self. As you increase the energy levels about yourself, your perceptions, especially those towards love, will change especially towards all other living beings.  You are not separate souls they are shared – live, speak, and think in love.

~Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

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