Dust Yourself Off - Complacency is not an option

So here we are coming to the end of June, and many are still feeling the residual energies of last year.
2011 was a year of chaotic and sporadic energy; immense with change and purging. The changes we faced were difficult to say the least; we lost relationships/friendships, jobs, homes, and suffered from losses across the board.

Hopeful that 2012 would change things around for us, we quickly became aware that change in a forward direction was perhaps not what we estimated.  Expectancy for a better outcomes we held our breathes and crossed our fingers in anticipation only to find ourselves holding our breaths and fighting the bondage of depression, fear, anger, and confusion.  For many, 2012 has not brought change at all – in fact, things have stayed exactly the same if not gotten worse from previous year.

It is in our nature to question why the ebb of stagnation is ever present into this new year and age. WHY?

Why me?
Why haven’t things turned around yet?
Why can’t something good happen for a change?
Will I ever come out of this situation, find job, home, money, love?
Why… why…why??

How many answers can we produce from a simply word – WHY? I have been asked this by clients and friends, I have asked myself even. Each of us has felt the stinging grasp of victim energy; its snare tightly wrapped around our minds, hearts, and physical forms. No one is exempt from its potency and we believe that fighting it will weaken its hold, but it doesn’t – it only holds on tighter, a strangulation of fear and a tearing down of fight.

In the short of it…that is the WHY. We simply give up and give in to feeling crappy. Feeling lower levels of energy staple us to the very foundation of who we try to avoid being.  We surrender, and with it comes insecurity and feelings of worthlessness. Unable to push forward we succumb to “well this is how it’s going to be for now on, so why fight it,” COMPLACENCY.

Complacency as defined in the dictionary:

A feeling of quiet pleasure or security,

often while unaware of some potential danger, defect, or the like;

self-satisfaction or smug satisfaction with an existing situation, condition, etc.

Interesting isn’t it?  “A feeling of pleasure or security – while unaware of potential danger.”
Cannot we not see how settling for our “bad stuff” keeps us attracting the same things over and over again? That is the real “danger!” We become so comfortable in our “yuck” that we forget how good it “used” to be or “can” be. We forget that all situations: good and bad are temporary.

Keeping the word “temporary” at the forefront of our hearts and minds enables us to propel forward. It is what keeps us in motion; pushing forward, not relinquishing to uncertainty, and definitely allowing the tides of change to advance us through any situation. 

When we become complacent, we begin to take things for granted, lack gratitude, and we most certainly do not forgive ourselves for allowing the darkness of the abyss to swallow us.  Complacency = Tragedy and we have no one to blame but ourselves.  We must understand that at the end of the day, there is NO ONE that can propel you forward other than YOURSELF.  There is no greater force in this world than you and your determination. If you began this year with a sense of expectancy for a recovered life and you haven’t achieved it, then it’s time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and affirm that Complacency is not an option any more.  2012 is well upon us, make it work for you, set small goals, and take baby steps and giant leaps when possible – never give up and never settle.

Written by Tricia Koike for Mystical Corner 6/26/2012

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