Forgiveness is a circle -Based on Edgar Cayce Readings:

Journal questions:  Remember a time in your life when you were forgiven. How have you kept the circle of forgiveness intact?  Whom have you forgiven for a similar act held against you?  Did you break the circle of forgiveness? If so, Why? What were your justifications?

Short story told by Jesus:

A king once had a servant who owed him a very large sum of money (to put into dollar terms) several thousand dollars. On the day the debt was due the man came before the king, fell on his knees, and pleaded his case - he did not have the money. The king full of compassion and understanding showed mercy and let the man go.

The servant touched by the kings generosity went joyfully into the streets.  While basking in his joy he ran into a man  who owed him $100.00. He demanded the money and when the man was unable to pay him, the servant had the man thrown in jail.

Word of this exchange got back to the king who had the servant brought before him. The kings said, "I forgave your debt of several thousand dollars and you could not forgive a debt of $100.00. It appears to me you have a lesson to learn." The king sent the servant to jail.

Jesus added to this, "Forgiveness is a circle. Break the circle, and the consequences are felt by many."

Affirmation:  I choose to live in understanding and compassion. I forgive so that I too may be forgiven. I live within an unbreakeable circle that is streamline and ever flowing in love, generosity, forgiveness.

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