Fresh Start: Beginning anew in this new day.

Journal Question: How can I stretch my spiritual muscles so that my christ consciousness is the unlimited source of wisdom in my day to day life?

Let's face it, sometimes life can be really challenging and most often it comes out of nowhere and is in reality unwelcomed and only because it catches you off guard. There is a way we can meet each day; expect that everything will go smoothly even when challenges arise. This is a great opportunity for us to learn and grow and to stretch and flex those amazing spiritual muscles!

Every day is a new day and a fresh start. No situation or circumstance has the power to overrun your attitude unless you allow it. Nothing can hold you back from resonating your life because your life is not only about what is happening to you, it is also about what is happening within through you. Your Christ Consciousness is your source of unlimited wisdom and creativity. Do you best to respond to challenges from within this place that is your true athentic self.

Affirmation: I respond to any challenge from my Christ Consciousness rather than acting impulsively from my human nature. Every day I pursue what enriches me by enjoying my journey towards my aspirations as much as my destinations.

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