As we move forward into 2012 we must begin to truly assimilate - to know that your I AM is truly Spirit in you- wise, rich, and divine. We can no longer give our spirit away or to lose control over those things that would have us believe we are sick, in need, or foolish.

Affirm with all that you are that your I AM presence is the I AM of infinite being. It is that within you which is eternal, enduring and constant. It is that within you which knows no defeat.

When you say "I AM," you are not speaking of the personal; you are acknowledging the presence of Spirit. From the depths of your being comes the voice "I AM." You recognize it as the voice of Spirit proclaiming the presence of peace, wisdom, love, and life. In truth you are not doubtful or weak, I AM Spirit and have been Spirit thoughout all generations; LIFETIMES.

Your I AM is the presence of GOD. God lives in you as you making you GOD, there is no separation in that divine energy. YOu must only KNOW It as truth, as one within you in all your creation and being. You are the I AM.

In truth, I AM - SPIRIT!

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