Illuminating the source

We are all on the path of illumination, and certainly illumination is different for everyone as we all working on different aspects of our lives. Although the journeys are different the destination is the same. We seek spiritual truth and understanding and to be enlightened through every experience: ascension; merging spirit on earth.

Along that journey we come across road blocks; whether tripping over a pebble of stone or coming in contact with another that has the ability to bring forward an aspect of you that is not great. Each experience offers knowledge and comprehension. Our lives portray mirror effects; the stirring of emotions and feelings brought about by circumstances usually are direct images of things that we are required to work on. Understanding that is key to your survival on this journey called life. As creatures of habit, we tend to question "why me?” “Why is it that just when things are going well, someone, or something gets in the way of my peaceful existence?” When you allow yourself to fall into this type of energy you are not permitting yourself to understand the real source of the circumstances. It is easier to point the finger of blame rather to look deep within to try and understand why this particular situation is stirring certain feelings and/or emotions.

Normally most people react first and make sense of it later – it is how the rational or irrational mind organizes chaos and misunderstanding. As spiritually enlightened beings you know that the reverse is true. All situations and circumstances come from a source. Knowing where the source comes from allows you to diminish chaotic energy before
you allow it to create irrationality. This is true for every single situation in your life and the lives of others. Be aware that each time you allow yourself to react to something you are not seeking the source for understanding, you are mentally reacting giving off the spark of ignition to something that will only validate lower levels of energy that are not purposeful to your illumination of understanding. This type of energy does not create anything beneficial for anyone – literally. Reacting without discernment creates more harm than good by emanating an energy that is overcast with apathy versus an energy that is filled with a positive quality that all parties will and can benefit from.

Before reacting, take a moment and allow yourself a few minutes to discern first, organize in your heart then your mind, and create not emotions or feelings that are reactive but compassionate only then will you have achieved comprehension! Essentially what you are creating in those few moments is an alignment of pure divine energy – you become the channel of wisdom and you employ feelings and emotions that are healthier for you and the other person and/or situation.

That is “illuminating the source” and when you have accomplished that - all the “Why’s” of your life literally become non-existent.

From the depth of my heart I hope I have illuminated some your path!

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