In truth, you are the I AM Spirit

Journal Question: What are the things I can be doing to further enrich my I AM presence?


Recognizing and welcoming your Spirit is to know above all things that your I AM is Spirit, that it is always wise, always well, always rich.  In knowing this truth we must give up all ideas that we are foolish, sick, or in need.  Realize that the I AM in you is the I AM of infinite being.  It is that within you which is eternal, enduring, and constant. It is that within you which knows no defeat.

When you say "I AM," you are not speaking of the personal or something on the exterior of "who" you are; you are realizing and assimilating the presence of Spirit. From the depths of your being comes the voice "I AM." You recognize it as a voice of Spirit proclaiming the presence of peace, wisdom, of life and love.


Affirmation: I truth I am not doubtful or weak, I AM Spirit and have been throughtout all generations and life times.  The I AM iin me is the presence of GOD.

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