Keep or Release,you decide.

Finding alignment in your life often requires the cleansing out emotions, feelings, and thoughts. It's so important to release habitual mindset and thought processes. The mind is somewhat of a trickster; it has a tendency rationalize and validate feelings and thoughts that are not healthy and sometimes is the culprit of un-forgiveness. Letting go makes room for new, fresh, and healthier energies.

As a practicing spiritual counselor and heaIer, I too have to remind myself that I need to get out of my head and back into my heart so that I can see the "real" aspects of any situation. It's very easy to live in the comfort of the mind because that is what we have become accustomed to but when we allow ourselves to step out of the box to look in - really look in, we can begin to see that letting go of what is no longer needed gives us a sense of order and satisfaction. We are able to discern clearly without the interruption of the mental mind; we can choose with clarity to keep or release the stored feelings and replayed thoughts that occupy our minds. Old feelings of resentment or blame serve no useful purpose; rather they weigh heavily on the mind and body and spirit; they hold us back from being spiritually realized and purposeful.

When you find it difficult to let go, call upon the powers of the Universe and God/dess to free you from the weight of un-forgiveness. Often old mindset, and thought processes are a result of being unable to see clearly the things we need to forgive in ourselves and others. When you allow yourself to get out of your own way, help comes in the most amazing ways. It means that you have surrendered to the powers that be, you accept God’s help and your release the burdens that are no longer yours to carry.

Forgive yourself and others and open the way to freedom and peace of mind and heart. When you are thinking, feeling, and sensing through your heart you have achieved pure clarity: Mind, Body, and Spirit. You are free to soar through the gentle love of the Universe!

Affirm: I release; I forgive; I am free and at peace

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