Navigating your life - Spirit within lovingly navigates my way.

Journal Question:  Where in my life do I need the most guidance? How can I navigate in that direction.

It would be consoling if our GPS' could direct us in making life choices, step by step instruction of how to best live our lives, and the easiest way to arrive at our spiritual destinations in a clear audible voice.

Truth is, each of us has that divine internal GPS which we can activate anytime, guiding us on our spiritual journey and paving our direction.  Our internal guidance arises through intuitive prompts, gut instincts, and an inner knowing that assists you.  It’s not always easy to trust that internal GPS though, we have this innate desire to control our lives and often feel we actually know what’s best for us even when those gut instincts are being persuasive.  It is difficult at times to decipher what is coming from you and what is coming from spirit.

The easiest way to discern what images are being created in your mind versus those sent to you from spirit/guides/angels/source is that the images are spontaneous. Your mind did not have time to create the image by process of thought first, i.e. you were not in control of the images coming through. Using your mind to create an image is very different; first you must think of something and then your mind formulates and creates it.  The delivery from Spirit versus the mind is very different when you are receiving images because when spirit sends you an image you are not the one in control therefore you cannot be the one creating the image. It just appears in your mind’s eye without any active participation from you.<br><br>
How frequently have you been faced with making a decision and something deep inside is telling you, “don’t do it,” and you do it anyway only to disappointed or upset at the outcome? This is because you initiated your action based on thought/mind. Listening to your inner knowing helps you navigate through your challenges and decisions.  Listen for your spiritual cues, especially when you are attempting to make a decision about anything that will directly affect you.  If you find yourself struggling for direction, be quiet and still and let Spirit prompt you into action knowing and trusting that it is in your highest good.

Affirmation:  Spirit is my internal GPS, I navigate through life knowing that I am guided astutely. I needn’t struggle or challenge what I see, hear, feel, and know because it is Spirit that directs me.  In this I AM confident!

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