Roberta, Miami, FL

Nothing happens by chance. When a very dear friend of mine mentioned that he had gone to the best reading of his life (and he has done quite a few) I immediately stopped thinking about my grocery list I opened my ears to listen. I too was no begginer to consulting spiritual guide. When I walked into Tricia's home I immediately felt the powerful energy that she carries inside her which resonates into her readings. We were able to connect at a very deep level very quickly as the reading began. I went to her that day hoping to hear certain things in a format that i expected but just like it has been with my life I received what I needed and not necessarily what I "desired". My experience was one of true self awareness, she dove into aspects of myself that I was too scared to admit or realize. Spirits don't lie and Tricia doesn't sugar coat! I am very thankful I was able to come across someone that is blessed with such a powerful gift and that also has such positive intentions towards the people she sees. I plan to go back for other spiritual services and recommend her highly. Thanks Tricia for giving me the push I needed to begin this process of finding out who I truly am!

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