Sharon - Merging Spirit, Florida

Well, the time has finally come for me write a well deserved testimony for my Sis-Star who has been put in my life to make me better as an individual and a human being. I first met Tricia some 5 or 6 years ago while I was working at a spiritual center in Hollywood Fl. As the old saying goes, it was love at first sight. The universe lined me up with a caring, loving, angelic, no nonsense and tell it like it is kind of girl. Hmmm, just like me, WE ARE MANY WE ARE ONE!

Tricia has aligned herself with her spiritual self and all those loving energies that wish to allow her to connect with souls here in the physical that really and truly need her help. For those of us that have Tricia's loving and caring energy as a part of our daily life, and that within itself is a true and genuine gift.

Tricia was available to me at one of the darkest moments of my life, where she performed a magnificent healing with Archangel Metatron (just one of few archangels she works with) on me. I was able to release a lot of pent up emotional pain that I did not realize I had been caring for so long. After returning to my body after my healing, I heard Tricia's angelic voice, my eyes opened and there she was standing there with open arms. I hugged my spiritual sister and those tears I had in my eyes were tears of Joy, and Tricia I am truly grateful for that healing! When you experience Tricia's energy whether it is in a chance meeting or consultation, you will shortly discover that the meeting was divinely ordered.

With all the insight you have given to me, I am embracing it with open arms, others will also experience this for themselves. Allow the light in your heart to continue to shine brightly, dare to be different, take center stage where you will make your mark in this universe, in this life time and may more to come. I LOVE YOU! The universe is grateful to have you apart of the equation to assists the souls that truly need it. Mystical Corner is destine for greatness! Lot of success my SIS-Star!

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