Struck by the lucidity of forgiveness

As I journeyed in the spiritual realm last night, I ran into an old friend that I had comitted a wrong too.  Immediately upon seeing this friend I went into chant asking for forgiveness. In all my years of asking for forgiveness and being on the receiving end of forgiveness, this one profound act with this particular friend seemed to escape me completely.

I was in awe by the validation whilst still in spiritual form that time and space truly are absent when committing to God/dess acts.   My long lost friend committed to forgiving me. We spoke for a few moments, exchanging smiles at the memories we shared and we cried at the truths that we had known but never revealed. I cannot express how humbled I am at knowing that my friend knew all along the act that was done against her - her spirit knew, her physical self knew - I did not know. I am humbled by the deep profoundness that after so many years my friend waited patiently for me to approach her - she forgave me.

As we said our goodbyes, we both came to the realization that we would probably never see each other again; we were accepting of this knowing that spiritually we are connected; we merged in oneness.

When I awoke, I had a single tear running down my cheek, feeling lighter and freer by the emense exchange of energy my friend and I shared. This one act of asking for forgiveness spoke volumes - I had forgotten - I was gently reminded by spirit that my work in this arena was still incomplete. 

I vow that I am IN love, that I reside in my heart. I am IN compassion for self and for others. I am in Harmony. I am vividly aware and acknowledge each and every single person that is a presence in my life. Because we are many - we are one, I humbly ask for your forgivessness.

Forgive me for an grievances I may have committed to each of you in this lifetime and please forgive me especially for those committed in past lifetimes.

Humble in your presence and IN love,


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