Walk by faith not by sight.

Journal Questions:  Do I lack faith and if so, what areas of my life do I NEED to reflect mostly on? How will I attain the confidence to build upon my exisiting my faith?

Today stand firmly in your faith. Meet life with courage and confidence, seeing beyond appearances to the underlying good.  Through your faith you will overcome every limitation. Know that your higher self your internal Godly presence - and God's power in you is greater than any situation you may have to meet or overcome; divine support is greater than any condition or circumstance.

Through your faith you are fearless and free. Faith dispels fear, for faith knows nothingness of fear.  Faith reminds us that God is the only presence and power within you and in your life as a whole.  It matters not how you perceive God - what matters is that you live in faith, customized to your belief system. Your faith is unique to you and only you have the ability to shake it, settle it, and be in peace with it. 

Affirmation:  Through faith I am steady and strong. I am assured that with God there is always a way, always a right answer.  Through my faith I walk in the light. I AM shown the way of my highest good. I AM healed, I AM Blessed!!!

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