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The Awakening of My Soul


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As many others on this earth plane, my experiences through this lifetime have not always been a bowl of fragrant rose petals. However, my life has not been a total abyss of darkness either.

The duality of those experiences began at a very young age and continued well into my young adulthood. My traumatic experiences served only to push me into a direction of growth within knowledge. My enlightening experiences excited me and only propelled me more on to a path of light.

As a young child I could not articulate to others the "special things" (clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentient) I was experiencing for fear of everyone dismissing then as mere child's play. I understood my soul's desire and need for comfort and nurturing; I knew I could not completely attain that desire by physical means only. So I began absorbing knowledge by reading books on self help and spirituality. Conversely, the time came when I no longer wanted to read about the experiences of others, I wanted to live them for myself. The more I felt, saw, heard, and learned, the stronger the need to share and commune with others like myself became apparent.

As time marched on, I have had the honor of meeting people who were as excited for my spiritual growth as I was on personal level. These people have been the catalyst of who I have become and who "I" am today. Their wisdom, knowledge, guidance, love, and acceptance are what have enabled me to peel away layers so that my "true self" could blossom.

My Mission

Above all, I honor and respect all life. For each and every being living on Mother Earth is integrating self-divine purpose in one way, shape, or form. Individually, we are all unique in appearance, but we all share one commonality - we come from light, we are spiritual beings living through a physical existence for the greater good of spiritually ascending, expanding, and growing in oneness. There exists no breaks in the links that join us for "we are many, we are one."

As a spiritual facilitator, my mission is to help integrate "Spirit on Earth" by the empowerment of self through the means of spiritual transformation of the mind, body and spirit. This is what I like to refer to as the "Awakening of the Soul:" the embodiment and expression of your higher self into your true earthly presence.

My divine purpose and service to others is articulated in the commitment of self-enlightenment and the enlightenment of all beings. My dedication is to all those that are seeking to learn or enhance upon their own spiritual gifts, wisdom, love, understanding, and healing.

As a Medium, my intuition is the guiding force in my personal life, I trust it without reservation; it is the forerunner. It is what assists me in helping others that are seeking support, guidance, and direction. I have learned that the most important part of my work is to love my "self," only then am I capable of loving others unconditionally. My purpose is helping others who seek and desire transformation from their hearts. For where there is pure "intent" - magic happens. "You" are the magic in your life through your intent; I am only your humble facilitator.

My Credentials

  • Delphi University Certifications (2010/2019)

    • Metaphysical Practioner
    • Spiritual Healer
    • Spiritual Counselor
    • In-Depth Channel Mediumship
    • Advance Channeling
    • Ancient Mysteries
    • Color and Sound Healing Practioner
    • Trance Healing
    • Soul / Life Readings
    • Mysteries of Male/Female Healing and Relationship Dynamics
    • Soul logos and sacred healing
    • Akashic records and Akashic Reader
    • Entura Art (Psychic art and Interpretation)
    • Entura Art Therapy
    • Yhandi - Inner Child and Adult Integration
    • Inner Sanctuary Instructor/Training

  • Advanced Hypnosis Services & Training (2001)

    • National Guild of Hypnotist Certification
    • Certified Hypnotist

  • Additional Education

    • Dying To Live Again Foundation (2007-2009)
      Channeling Level 1
      Lifting the Veils
      Spiritual/Emotional Road Blocks
      Channeling with Archangels
    • Center for Human Development (2005)
  • Affiliations

    • National Guild of Hypnotist
    • Initiate 5th Degree of the
      "Holy order of the Dove" -Delphi University
    • Initiate 9th Degree of the
      "Holy order of the Dove" -Delphi University
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