Channeled Messages

What is it like to be you?

The following is a channeled message that has spanned over several weeks. The messages are coming from many on the other side and they ask, "What is it like to be you?"

Messages: Over the last two years many souls living in a physical form have been preparing for what was to come in 2012. That preparation has been crucial, it has helped you to understand and face deeper parts of self that required specific attention and intention. Through mediation, being still, a whisper in your ear, a signal or sign the most important question we have asked continuously - since your inception/creation, "What is it like to be you?"


No Separation

Below is a Channeling from a Communing with the Divine and a meeting of the heart 7/1/10.

The discussion came about because I inquired into the nature of chaotic surge of energy that seems to be affecting many of my loved ones. What follows is their insight and direction. It is my great wish that this divine information finds its way into the heart of many. I know that it helped me.


Channeled Message from Archangel Michael and Archangel Ariel

The following message came to me as I sat in quiet comtemplation. I asked who the message was for, they responded " For many".

You came unto this earth plane to be a teacher; while you stand on the fine line of mastery you have yet to learn much. We gently remind you that you cannot teach that which you have yet to learn. We ask that you live a practice life and that you seek the alchemy of your spiritual essence, the true I AM.


Have Faith Beyond All Doubt

If you we feel unsure about the direction of your life, take a deep breath, remembering that faith is your sure foundation upon which you have taken years to build upon.   It is the basis in which you have structured a great part of your life. How many times have you made decisions just on pure faith?  When the winds of change  are blowing and your future is unclear, remind yourself of how many times you have had to make a decision or taken a risk based on faith alone.  The Christ said "If you have faith and do not will be done."


Divine Guidance ~ Inspired message by Guides

On a daily basis our minds fill with thoughts that sometimes make it difficult to discren what is the right course of action or direction for the day. It is very easy to allow the mind to lead us particularly towards situations that may not be in for our highest and best.


Channeling by Ganesha 1/7/11

I am that I am! Known as the remover of obstacles  - but that is not my only purpose. I bring forward compansion and reason.  Realistically viewing the potential of mankind and sometimes also the lack of determination, inspiration, and motivation to seek deep within for the answers that are ever present.


Channeled message from Raphael and Gabriel

Today as I was cleaning my house, I infused it with lavender and rose. As I was finishing my cleaning I began to hear distant celestial music, I checked around the house – it was resonating throughout. I only said, “Welcome my beloveds.” Immediately my body was one gigantic goose bump and I heard “you’re infusing serenity and love Tricia, you have achieved harmony in self, home, and in your spirit. We sing to you messenger, spread our voices so that many will hear and see. You must feel in order to understand.”


This in from Metatron

If you are not taking the necessary steps to merge with your higher self on a regular basis, you are not attracting what is in your highest and best. Your higher self brings astuteness, clarity, and is linked into the divine thoughout all your states of being. You only need ask and it is delivered - it is not what you ask for it is how you are asking.  Your physical thought processes must be filtered through the heart first.

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