Channeled Messages

Commit to Sit

This book brings together a broad range of Buddhist meditative techniques that have appeared in the magazine over the years. Contributors include some of the foremost voices in contemporary Buddhism: Pema Chödrön starts our journey with an inspirational Foreword. Lama Surya Das explores the definition of meditation, while Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein lay out a 28-day program for establishing a daily practice. Wherever you are on your search, you will find plenty of guidance in this book. Learn about insight meditation from Bhante Henepola Gunaratana and Sylvia Boorstein. Or about zazen from Barry Magid and Martine Batchelor. Gil Fronsdal offers instruction in metta (lovingkindness) meditation, while Judith Simmer-Brown teaches tonglen, a Tibetan Buddhist practice for cultivating compassion. We also learn about the crucial role the body plays in meditation from S. N. Goenka, Reginald Ray, Wes Nisker, and Cyndi Lee. We receive guidance on managing issues that arise in meditation from Jon Kabat-Zinn, Christina Feldman, Matthieu Ricard, Pat Enkyo O’Hara, and others. And there are practices for bringing mindfulness and compassion to daily life from Thubten Chodron, Sayadaw U Tejaniya, and Michael Carroll.

Though targeted to the reader who would like to begin meditating, this collection also offers support and guidance to the experienced meditator working to sustain a lifelong practice. This is a guide to meditative practice for any seeker wishing to deepen their understanding of themselves and their world.

Power of The Soul

Power of The Soul
Inside Wisdom for an Outside World
This fascinating book gives you the tools to help tap into one of the most powerful forces in the Universe -YOUR SOUL. This is a step by step guide to help you reconnect with your natural spiritual abilities. You’ll develop a conscious awareness of the spiritual laws that exists in each and every person. “Power of the Soul” will help you to dismantle some of the barriers created by your outer-self, to unveil your true inner-self and enable you to break free from some of the psychological restrictions that have prevented you from identifying and realizing your full potential.


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One Question:  What is God?

Energy Anatomy - Caroline Myss, PH.D.

The Science of Personal Power, Spirituality, and Health

We stand at the threshold of a new era in medicine and healing. Today, instead of looking at the human body as a biological machine, we know it is a vast energetic network, where spirit, matter, and power intersect.

On Energy Anatomy, Caroline Myss teaches how the human body encodes thought, converts it into matter, and stores it as energy within specific areas of the body. After working with thousands of patients, Myss decoded the process of how these energy centers work—linked specific illnesses with past emotional traumas—and solved the puzzle of why some people heal, while others don’t.

With Energy Anatomy, Caroline Myss’ foundational learning course, you will learn how to take back control over your life and your health. In 12 step-by-step sessions, you learn every phase of her groundbreaking work. Join her along this path of insight into the human energy system and learn the part of the healing equation overlooked by conventional medicine: your own spirit’s unlimited capacity for self-healing and divine connection.

God and the Brain - The Physiology of Spiritual Experience

Is it our biological destiny to seek the divine? Is faith in a higher power a survival trait? On God and the Brain, Dr. Andrew Newberg presents intriguing evidence that the human brain is a "believing machine"—and that our capacity for self-transcendence and spirituality helps drive our evolution as a species.

This pioneer of brain studies presents the first audio course on his groundbreaking research into the fascinating links between faith, neurobiology, and the mysteries of the psyche, including:

  • Why this emerging science enriches both the faithful and the skeptical
  • How prayer and meditation enhance your health—tips for tailoring a spiritual regimen that suits your individual needs
  • How the world's spiritual paths uniquely shape the brain and mind
  • The "myth-making brain"—the survival value of our storytelling and human imagination
  • The biology of forgiveness—why this critical spiritual skill is so important to your physical and psychological wellness

Healing Across Time and Space

We know that “time heals all wounds,” but according to Cyndi Dale, that doesn’t mean we have to simply wait for the years to pass. With Healing Across Time and Space, this renowned psychic and intuitive healer presents a unique series of guided exercises that allow you to reach beyond the present for the power to transform your life.

As shamans and mystics have long understood—and modern physicists are now proving—time is a malleable property of the universe, one that your consciousness has the innate ability to transcend. Join Cyndi Dale for a trio of guided journeys to explore:

  • Healing your past—revisit pivotal times in your life to provide insight and support for your younger self—and feel the benefits in the present
  • Encountering another “you”—what would your life be like if you’d made different choices? How to find out, and what to do with the knowledge you discover
  • Inviting your brightest future—how to connect with a future version of yourself to receive guidance for the decisions you make today
  • Accessing your spirit guides—make contact with the guardians who aid you in safely navigating the timestream

When it comes to healing, time is not a barrier. In her practice, Cyndi Dale has witnessed her clients use these journeys to achieve extraordinary healing results. On Healing Across Time and Space, she gives you the tools you need to throw open the doors to your past, future, and parallel lives—and find the healing and insight you need to become whole.

Shamanic Explorations Collection

Awakening to the Spirit World

Today, practicing shamanism doesn’t mean you have to live in a rain forest or a desert. Thanks to a modern renaissance of shamanic spirituality, practitioners from all walks of life now use powerful indigenous techniques for healing, insight, and spiritual growth.

With Awakening to the Spirit World, teachers Sandra Ingerman and Hank Wesselman bring together a circle of renowned Western shamanic elders—Tom Cowan, Carol Proudfoot-Edgar, José Stevens, and Alberto Villoldo—to present a comprehensive manual for making these practices accessible and available in our daily lives, including:

  • How the original practice of shamanism shaped the world’s spiritual traditions and why it is still relevant today
  • The art of the shamanic journey—a time-tested meditative method for experiencing important spiritual lessons and truths
  • Guidance for avoiding common pitfalls of shamanic practice
  • Instruction for working with your dreams, connecting to your spirit guides, healing yourself and your environment
  • A CD of drumming to facilitate your shamanic journeys

What is it like to be you?

The following is a channeled message that has spanned over several weeks. The messages are coming from many on the other side and they ask, "What is it like to be you?"

Messages: Over the last two years many souls living in a physical form have been preparing for what was to come in 2012. That preparation has been crucial, it has helped you to understand and face deeper parts of self that required specific attention and intention. Through mediation, being still, a whisper in your ear, a signal or sign the most important question we have asked continuously - since your inception/creation, "What is it like to be you?"


Four Myths about Mindfulness Meditation

Four Myths about Mindfulness Meditation (via OM Times Magazine)

by Ronald Alexander The majority of my clients resist mindfulness meditation at first, although the time commitment is small and the payoff is enormous. One insisted that it wasn’t necessary and that she didn’t have enough time in her day to devote to a regular practice. Then she went through the…


Discover Yourself Through Journaling

Discover Yourself Through Journaling (via OM Times Magazine)

by John Holland There are so many great reasons to keep a journal, that I wonder why it’s not a priority for some. Journaling is a way to capture your spiritual progress and to record the patterns of your life. It’s a way to safely speak to your soul and to develop an understanding of increased…



Journal Question:  Do I have the ability to express kindness to all those I encounter?  What can I learn from Spirit by honoring acts of kindness??

Purple and Orange Sunset over Hollywood Florida

Today let us choose to practice kindness. As we encounter others, shed happiness in your greetings them.  Think of them as traveling companions on life’s journey. Offer a warm smile or a few words of appreciation to a friend or a stranger. Acts of kindness bring positive energy to both giver and receiver, then ripple out to others as a blessing.


Navigating your life - Spirit within lovingly navigates my way.

Journal Question:  Where in my life do I need the most guidance? How can I navigate in that direction.

It would be consoling if our GPS' could direct us in making life choices, step by step instruction of how to best live our lives, and the easiest way to arrive at our spiritual destinations in a clear audible voice.


Honoring the Vernal Equinox - Springtime

Journal Questions: Because Spring is the portal to new beginnings, what releasing or cleansing work do I need to complete? What are some of the new goals that I would like to accomplish in the next 3 months?

"Out with the old, in with the new," the Vernal Equinox is a sign of new beginnings, we have successfully completed one cycle and are ready to proceed into the next. It is a time to grow and fertilize creation. Springtime reminds us that new life is sprouting everywhere, Mother Earth takes this time to adorn herself in Life, and we should honor her by taking notice of the beauty she has so graciously bestowed upon us.


Change: Moving through change with ease.

Journal Question:  How can I best resolve myself into believing that change is not a struggle?

Change seen as a new beginning is often more welcoming than viewing it as a struggle or burden.  Many feel that change is an ending thereby signaling us to resist it.  Yet every change holds both a beginning and an end.  Our perspective and attitude determine which aspect we focus on.

Inner Peace – A calm soul

Journal Questions: As I progress and expand myself, I have made peace with so many aspects of my being. But I need to ask - have I found true soul peace?

Heart center with energy flowing through the body

“Oh my Soul, how I desire and need to know you.”  Feel this and allow it to saturate you completely.  Know this and stand in the presence of your I AM as one being.  Trust this and peace and you will have a calm soul. Sense this and you will know completely the serenity that has always been a part of your authentic self. Listen to the calming energy that is your soul and spread this celestial force throughout your entire physical body. Feel it permeating and pulsating as it restores the peace that has always been. It is a gentle flow that engulfs us if we give it acquiescence.


Reaching out -The power of meditation and prayer.

Journal Question: When meditating and praying am I only praying for myself? How can I best express and direct my prayers and meditations to include others; especially those with great challenge and difficulty?

When we meditate and pray, we usually visualize prosperity, healing, wisdom, insight, peace, and well being for ourselves and loved ones. Gifting your well wishes and holding these needs for others is as important for them as it is for yourself. The most beautiful thing about being YOU is that you have the ability to shift anything, and within that power and presence you have the opportunity to envision others making headway as they meet their difficulties. As we think of someone experiencing a challenge, open your heart in compassion while also knowing this person has everything they need spiritually and physically. Know that your divine love and support is reaching the very energy it needs to tackle.


Commune with your Angels

Take time today to connect with our Archangels. Our angels are anxiously awaiting to assist you in any way you need assistance. Ask and you shall receive - remembering of course that when it comes to chooses in yours our angels cannot and willnot interfere with free will.  Honor them daily knowing that they are willing and excited to walk by your side every day.  Pay attention to reoccuring numbers, music, sites, sounds, smells, ringing in the right ear, etc.  When this happens our angels are trying to convey something that needs your attention. If occurences like these are happening to you, I recommend that you take some time to meditate and connect with our beloved Angels.
Journal Question:  How can I best connect with my Archanels and honor them with grace and gratitude?


Affirmation - Affirm

Journal Question: How am I using my God-given power to create the life I know I deserve, need, and desire?

Each of us has the ability to create. We use this power consciously or unconsciously, every day. In thought, word and attitude, we are constantly affirming - speaking into being - outcomes. It is up to us to choose whether we affirm Truth and Abundance, Love and Joy, Wisdom and Health - or their lack.



 It was as if my chest became
 an arch of two weightless doors
 and through these open doors
 I could see beyond the vision
 of my eyes


Irresistible: I exude love of life.

Journal questions: How is your love for life compelling you? How do you choose to share that love with others?


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