"Vision Into You" Journal

Daily Journal Questions and Affirmations

Splendor: The Christ Light illuminates the splendor of my being.

Journal Questions:  Do I radiate Splendor? How can I radiate more?

Walking in everyday life, we often miss the details.  The color of the sky, the smell of the air, the gentle touch of a loved one. We have a tendency to take things for granted.  Life keeps us occupied, it keeps us unfocused to our beautiful environment, it also keeps us unfocused from within.


Protection: We move through each day knowing we are divinely protected

Journal Questions: Do I rely on God's Protection? If not, how can I instill more belief that the protection of God is always with me?

Every experience offers us an opportunity to remember God's constant love and protection. We often call upon this protection when traveling, when encountering difficult situations, in health issues, etc.  But how often do we engage in the belief that "protection" is always with us?


Courageous: You are faith-filled, strong, and courageous

Journal Question: How can I step forward in courage when faced with roadblocks?

Sometimes we feel an inner stirring to initiate change or to start a new adventure.  Something that will get the pot stirring for more growth and expansion.  That stirring is Spirit calling you to step forward to do something more for yourself; to step out in faith and act courageously.


World Peace

Journal Question:  How can I contribute to a world of peace through the power of my divine self?

As individuals we can each foster peace in our world. We can do something right now to contribute to greater peace: We can, through the power of our divine self and divine word, and most especially your divine intention and manifestation. Take the time to extend a blessing to everyone in your awareness, even those you may consider as non-astute.


Animation: I am animated by the gifts of Spirit within

Journal Question: What must I see beyond my physical apprearance in order to animate my spiritual flourishing?

Whenever our bodies feel sluggish, uncomfortable or in pain that is a sign that it is time to rest in silence and allow the Divine to stir up your gifts of Spirit within.


Equality: Co- Existing - Learning from one another

Journal Questions:  How can I meet the opportunities with an open heart when meeting other people? How can I integrate a learning experience from every meeting?

Every situation in life gives us the opportunity to learn something new.  Some of the most exciting opportunities come from the most unlikely people: cultural, spiritual, and physical.  Each and everyone one of us have things that we do well, some things you may do better while the same is true for another.  Viewing things as right or wrong or accepting and/or rejecting other ideas is how we are able to harness the strengths and qualities that we each have, but make no mistake, we are all equally worthy and valuable.


Forgive: Forgiveness is a gift

Journal Questions:  What have I said I have forgiven but not really forgotten?  How can I release the memories so that true forgiveness can flourish?
Forgiveness is one the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. When we let go of judgment, resentment, expectation, or anger, we open our hearts and life to the experience of growth and freedom. 


Inner Peace: Divine connection brings innper peace.

Journal Questions:  How can I achieve more inner peace throughout my day? What are the areas of my life that "need" the most calming?

Being peaceful is an inside job - it begins inside of you as choice. We must be acutely aware that life has all kinds of triggers. By paying attention to those triggers, we can easily discern what it is that allows us to become disturded or aggravated and immediately take action to restore your divine alignment with Spirit: inner peace.


Transition: We move forward through change.

Journal Question:  How can I best prepare myself for change, and how can I make the most of it??

Change my beloveds is the one constant thing in our lives.  Many fear change because most often the change is unknown or we will perceive it as being to tasking and too hard to get used to. More...

Commitment: Being committed to your highest good.

Journal Questions: What commitments best serve my highest good? How can I establish more faith and confidence to live through my authentic self?
From time to time, we establish new personal goals. We begin by making a commitment to ourselves and fulfilling those promises this is one way to live in integrity. 


Free: It is not you but the Christ within who does the work.

Journal Question:  What am I willing to relinquish control of and allow my Christ Consciousness to take the lead in?
Sometimes we get so busy working out our problems that we neglect to connect with the power of the Christ within (Your Christ Consciousness) and allow it to work for you.


God enters by a private door to every individual

Journal Question: How can I feel the One Spirit: God/Godself (I AM) within me?

Wherever you are, God is. The path to God is not long or difficult or complex. We have a tendency to look outside of ourselves for the answers as to who or what God is.  Look deeply into the seat of your soul and you will find God.  Look all around you and you will see God. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, pause and bring awareness to the One Spirit that is within you.  God resides in you as you.


Healing - The healing presence of Spirit fills every cell of my being.

Journal Question: Calling forth Spirit ask what are the parts of me that need the most healing: Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual. Then ask for direction and guidance on how to best pursue those healings from a place of acceptance.

Exploration of self isn't always easy, in fact, it will be one of the hardest tasks you'll ever do.  Looking into self reveals all the things we need to heal within and without. This can mean spiritually, physically, and emotionally - our ego self works very hard to try and prevent healing from happening.


Co-creating a happy world

Journal Questions: As a creative being, I must instill a joyful heart within myself. In which ways can I live in a more blissful way? How can I transcend that bliss to others as well?

Endowed by our Creator with a full range of emotions to experience all of life, we may feel happy or sad, excited or pensive in any given moment. However regardless of the circumstances, we have the divine capacity to live in joy (this is a choice), which is more than just an emotion; it is a way of being in for yourself and in our world.


I AM aware of the unifying harmony of God's Love

Journal Question:  In which way can I best use harmony when I am faced with discord?

Have you ever listened to a song that just resonates throughout your entire body.  A song that when you hear it - it immediately makes you feel happy, vibrant, and purely connected to yourself and all that is?


I am in tune with infinite and divine intelligence!

Here we are and it's already January 3rd, 2012!!  Wow what a mangificent holiday season, steaming with spirituality, love, and harmony.  Happy New Year Beloved Spiritual Family!!!

Your first Journal Question of 2012: How can utilize my divine and infinite intelligence to achieve the very first goal of this New Year?

No matter what it is we are trying to learn whether we are students trying to comprehend a new life modality, trying to accomplish a new spiritual practice, physically trying to create more motion, mental and/or emotionl healing,  we embrace and remember there is only one Mind - Divine Mind.  In that beautiful mind of yours is all.  Everything you need to astutely construct your life is already there waiting for you to explore it, harness it, and USE IT!

Whatever you may be learning those processes become easier and simpler because you remember that Divine Mind gives you the power to learn and comprehend. We find it easy to learn new things when we keep ourselves intune with the infinite intelligence.

The message itself is simple: Keep it simple, learn step by step, and don't overload yourself with too much at once.  The infinite and Divine Mind delivers just the right amount of knowledge customized to your abilities.  Do not allow yourself to complicate that simplicity.

Affirmation:  I am lifted out of fear and tension as I attune myself with my Divine and Infinite Mind. I AM free from any feeling of inadequecy. God's Spirit of success is within me, and I AM capable of succeeding at whatever I choose to learn. Infinite and Divine Intelligence is  and always has been mine!

I AM one with the limitless grace of God.

Journal Questions: When I seek deep within the seat of my soul and I look at my relationship with God, what more can I be doing to solidify the relationship with this pure divine source?  Do I voluntarily dedicated time to connect?

James Dilbert Freeman wrote and beautifully describes God's grace in action:

Do you need me? I AM there.

You cannot see Me,

yet I AM the light you see by.

You cannot hear Me,

yet I speak through your voice.

You cannot feel Me,

yet I AM the powers at work in your hands.

~James Dilbert Freeman

God's grace is constant, true, and pure;  providing us with everything we could ever ask for and more. Grace is at work within you and around you.  But is it enough to just receive divine grace? We must take the time to acknowledge God's grace; it is abundant and it flows all around you every single day.  It is so important to see, feel, sense, and know you live and breath because you are God's creation and you are here to do something important whether for yourself or as servitude to others. 

We allow ourselves to get wrapped up in life - but the true beauty in life is when you really start to view it from that place within your heart center. Look around you and feel the grace of God in everything you have and never give your energy away by concentrating on all you do not have. 

Affirmation: God grace is the light that illuminates my path, the wisdom that guides my thoughts and actions, and the power that fills me with strength and peace.

Walk by faith not by sight.

Journal Questions:  Do I lack faith and if so, what areas of my life do I NEED to reflect mostly on? How will I attain the confidence to build upon my exisiting my faith?

Today stand firmly in your faith. Meet life with courage and confidence, seeing beyond appearances to the underlying good.  Through your faith you will overcome every limitation. Know that your higher self your internal Godly presence - and God's power in you is greater than any situation you may have to meet or overcome; divine support is greater than any condition or circumstance.

Through your faith you are fearless and free. Faith dispels fear, for faith knows nothingness of fear.  Faith reminds us that God is the only presence and power within you and in your life as a whole.  It matters not how you perceive God - what matters is that you live in faith, customized to your belief system. Your faith is unique to you and only you have the ability to shake it, settle it, and be in peace with it. 

Affirmation:  Through faith I am steady and strong. I am assured that with God there is always a way, always a right answer.  Through my faith I walk in the light. I AM shown the way of my highest good. I AM healed, I AM Blessed!!!

I AM centered in the present moment!

Journal Questions:

What are the causes of my distraction and how are they preventing me from being focused on my "self?" How important is it that I center myself?

The present moment can easily elude us. Every time our minds jump tothe future or the past, we miss the joy of the here and now. But when we take the time to be centered in the present moment, you enable moments of gratitude, feeling calm and peace.

Today begin the practice of concentrating on your breathing and connect to  the Infinite withinn yourself.  Your scattered thoughts begin to focus, and you become more present to this "now" moment and all its potential.  Stress and worry disappear when you radiate your divine light within.  This kind of clarity enables us to focus on the priority of now.

Affirmation:  I know all is well. I am ONE with the living God, undistracted by what is happening "out there" and at peace with what is happening "IN HERE."  I am awake and aware, blessed and grateful. What is "in here" is so much more important. I choose to be in my infinite being and commune with my "self."

Through the power of your Christ Consciousness

Journal Question: How can utilize my Christ Consciousness to transcend and awaken?

Whenever you take the time to meditate and pray you have the realization of your Christ Consciousness you - and you awaken to your true spiritual nature.  As you let the light of God/Christ shine within you consciousness, you release old ways of living, and open to a new life, a new way of being. 

Your Christ nature can transcend any appearance or condition and allows you to awaken into a new life of oneness and wholeness, of harmony and abundance, of understanding and peace.  By turning to the Christ presence within you, you are awakening your Spirit - your true presence. Listen and hear your Spirit calling you and awaken to a new life and know that it is a co-creation. Know that you are always supported, guided and loved.

Affirmation: I listen and hear my Spirit calling me to awaken my true presence. I choose to live by this true spiritual nature and allow the light of my Christ Consciousness to my beacon.

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